Is there a proper way to remove my make-up?

In order to keep skin pure and healthy, the make-up removal process is just as essential and beneficial as every other part of your skin care routine. Sebum, impurities and general build-up caused by pollution and product use can quickly cause skin to look dull and lifeless. Removing eye and face make-up can be effortless and will keep you feeling fresh and on top of your skin’s appearance. Be sure to remove make-up in the evening and start each day off with a proper cleansing method.

Select a make-up remover that suits your skin
Whether you have dry, oily, sensitive skin or combination skin, this affects which make-up remover you choose and some will be used with, make-up removal milk, cream, in a gel form, or require water. The process of make-up removal should require minimal effort and should be satisfying. Selecting a remover that works best on your skin is key. For sensitive skin use a gentle make-up remover.

Be gentle when removing eye make-up
The most important thing to remember when removing make-up is to take care not to irritate or harm the skin around the eyes. The eye contour is a constant repository for make-up, and is one of the most delicate and active areas. This area is vulnerable to damage from pulling and rubbing. Gently swipe the make-up remover over your eye make-up with a cotton lpad. For sensitive skins types, or for light make-up wearers, there is the Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover. For long-lasting make-up, the bi-phase textured product works best. There is also an instant make-up remover for those on-the-go moments when there is limited time to dedicate to the process.

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