My skin is shiny, what should I do?

The perfect solution for shiny skin, mattifying treatments for the face help you reinvigorate your skin for smooth-looking skin all day long.

Why does skin become shiny?
Whether it’s because of dilated pores, an excess of sebum or blackheads, your skin can become oily and shiny over the course of the day. Stress, fatigue, hormone problems… There are many factors that can contribute to oily skin. If it’s primarily your T-zone – your forehead, nose and chin – that is affected, it’s important to apply an effective moisturising and mattifying product all over the face. A mattifying product regulates the excess of sebum as well as washing and purifying the skin. Your skin will become smooth and soft once again once these imperfections have been eliminated.

What are the most effective mattifying treatments?
For a perfectly matte complexion, choose an anti-shine mattifying product with a toning and purifying formula that reduces dilated pores, such as Truly Matte Pore Minimizing Serum, which should be applied every day before Truly Matte Ultra-Matte Rebalancing Lotion. The primary active ingredients in the latter, as well as its extracts of white nettle and vitamin B6, naturally regulate the production of sebum. Apply these mattifying products on clean, dry skin before applying make-up.

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