Why is the Super Restorative Day Cream so effective in combating wrinkles?

The anti-wrinkle cream works with the help of numerous micro-pearls. Micro-pearls may be tiny, but they play a big part in smoothing out and filling in fine lines and wrinkles. Thanks to these pearls, products in the Super Restorative Range act as intense replenishing balms.

What do micro-pearls do?
Each tiny micro-pearl in the Clarins anti-wrinkle-cream swells on the skin’s surface, working to absorb any surplus moisture. They expand and saturate each line and crease for a firm and smooth appearance over time. These micro-pearls are perfect for mature skin and work to reduce the wrinkles of the face naturally.

How do micro-pearls help in gaining a youthful complexion?
To naturally reduce wrinkles, it’s important to heavily moisturize mature skin types. Micro-pearls in the Clarins anti-wrinkle cream act on the skin by swelling up, becoming miniscule sponges that absorb the surface water and reduce the wrinkles on the face by filling in the fine lines.

Reducing wrinkles naturally
Unfortunately erasing wrinkles entirely is not an option without surgical intervention.

However, instead of turning to years-long treatments and to other chemical and expensive methods, there are available options to effectively combat the various signs of premature aging and keep the skin looking great. To restore elasticity to the skin, products such as the Super Restorative Day Cream work well to rejuvenate and keep wrinkles at bay. For very dry skin, in order to boost moisture, using a moisturizing serum before your cream is always a great remedy for dehydration, and can work to prevent premature aging. You may also chose products containing sunscreen, to fend off and help repair the really harmful effects of UV rays, as well as tinted moisture for a healthy, golden glow.

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