How can I make sure that my skin is adequately moisturised?

City living comes with its downsides, namely: pollution. The air surrounding us can damage the skin and comprise its healthy and radiant appearance. This is where intensive moisturising becomes a necessary cosmetic solution. Dehydrated skin can become fragile and irritated over the course of the day. Clarins HydraQuench line incorporates a patented anti-pollution complex that is specifically designed to repair and protect the skin so that it remains perfectly moisturised and supple in non-ideal conditions.

What is it that dehydrates your skin and requires moisturising?
Pollution, UV rays, and cold weather can be nasty culprits when it comes to sustaining the skin’s delicate moisture balance. These conditions can create dry, taut, irritated skin that sometimes seems impossible to remedy. The HydraQuench line provides skin with the powerful defence boost that it requires, and works to perfectly moisturise in a variety of environments. The HydraQuench Cream SPF 15 protects against harmful UVA and UVB rays, and works as a moisturising treatment to maintain balance and vitality.

How to rehydrate dry skin with the adequate moisturising formula
Dehydrated skin requires special action to restore the natural moisture balance and rejuvenate its appearance. A selection of specialized products from the HydraQuench range should be used in order to adequately care for very dry skin and prevent further moisture loss. Lips are particularly prone to moisture loss in cold or dry environments, and moisture replenishing lip balm is an excellent day and night moisturising product for rehydration and enhanced suppleness.

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