Is there an essential oil suited for every skin type?

Essential oils are pure, concentrated oils derived from plant extracts. These natural beauty products emanate vibrant aromas and stimulate renewal in the skin and in the senses. The range of oils promotes well-being, and the nourishing properties heal and rejuvenate skin for a fresh appearance. Not only the face, but the entire body can benefit from these restorative oils.

Using essential oils for the face
There are essential oils for every type of skin. Rebalancing oils work to renew and invigorate the skin, while lotus oil addresses the needs of combination skin and blue orchid oil promotes luminosity and a healthy glow. These delicate and luxurious products are an ideal addition to any skin-care routine.

Using essential oils for the body
Essential oils serve a similar purpose for the rest of the body. They work great to soothe and calm the skin, and to promote an overall sense of relaxation and well-being. The aromatherapeutic effects stimulate and enliven the senses. Clarins Tonic Oils keep skin firm and smooth, while Clarins Soothing/Relaxation oil helps to counter the effects of everyday stress and fatigue. Contour Body treatment Oil helps rid the body of toxins.

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