Which anti-wrinkle products counter the visible signs of hormonal changes on the skin?

Mature skin can respond to hormonal changes in a variety of ways. Recognizing and addressing unwelcome signs of aging requires that you ensure adequate hydration and specialized care. There is a range of intensive skin treatments that work to replenish and regenerate mature skin to preserve its youthful brilliance.

What are the effects of hormonal changes on the skin?
Hormonal changes can weaken the skin resulting in a loss of firmness and radiance. You may notice discoloration, wrinkles and an increased prominence of fine lines. As your skin transforms over time, it can be necessary to adjust your skin care routine to best address any specific issues, and to provide proper care. To minimize the effects of hormonal changes, select a face cream for mature skin that promotes elasticity. Super Restorative Night Wear Cream works to restore the skin’s natural vitality and glow. To optimize the restorative effects of this cream, apply every evening following the intensive serum, Super Restorative Serum.

Defying wrinkles with active plant ingredients
The Super-Restorative range is dedicated to revitalizing mature skin through the dynamic action of plant ingredients. The active plant ingredients in anti-wrinkle products stimulate cellular renewal for skin that is silky-smooth to the touch. There is also the benefit of renewed contours of the face and a more balanced complexion. For enhanced brilliance, the Super Restorative Wake-Up Lotion provides a healthy glow, and the Super Restorative Day Cream SPF 20 provides great UV protection. For intense moisturizing, use the products specifically designed for dry skin.

A replenishing face mask is also included in this range along with smoothing morning lotion restorative total eye concentrate to minimize crow’s feet.

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